lørdag den 25. december 2010

Mammoth (Extinct Monster)

Today’s monster is a very impressive animal and the last of them died out a few thousand years ago. They existed in many different sizes and many different places on Earth. They’re called Mammoths!

The mammoths are some of the most impressive and popular of the extinct creatures. When people think of mammoths they are usually imagining a giant elephant with large curved tusks and long hair. The truth is that there were many species of mammoth, some weren’t covered with long hair and some were very small. In fact the last surviving mammoths are now believed to be of a dwarf variant and thought to have survived as recently as 1700 BC on remote islands in the Arctic Circle.

In Siberia there is a nature reserve called “Pleistocene Park.” The meaning of this reserve is to recreate the landscape and fauna of the last ice age. There have been introduced species that thrived there previously but went extinct because of humans. There are hopes of reintroducing animals such as saber-toothed cats, woolly rhinos and mammoths to this area if the cloning technology improves in the near future.

Like I said Mammoths are very popular creatures and have appeared in a lot of media like for example the British TV show Primeval.

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  1. great post...we must clone some mammoths

  2. Mammoths are awesome! My favorite mammoth is from Ice age :D

  3. A mammoth clone would be sweeeeet. I'd pay to see that hahah.

  4. is that of the Woolly variety?

  5. Would be amazing if they weren't extinct :) although they have said that a few live ones were seen in Russia in the past, but who knows!

  6. I like them, they're very interesting.

    I would like to learn about the saber tooth tiger.

  7. They also appear alot in games like WoW =P

  8. If they could recover some DNA they might still have a future.. who knows?

  9. hellyeah a blog about monsters
    loved the idea, loved the blog man
    also mammoths are awesome

  10. cooperlife:
    Yes, the one in the picture :)

    The mammoth actually has some cryptozoological value since some believe small herds of these still could be surviving isolated places in Siberia. The new discovery of mammoths surviving much longer into our time has fueled this theory even more.

    They came in different sizes ^^

    Alrighty, I'll accept that request, haha.

    Thanks man, I'm glad you like it!

    And thanks to everyone who bothers reading and commenting on my stuff! :)

  11. Mammoths aren't extinct! Ever watch Sesame Street?

  12. It's sad that these creatures that once wandered around no longer exist, and hopefully cloning will get to the stage where we can ressurect extinct species. I for one wouldn't mind some dodo breast fillet.

  13. as Sucio said...

    Yum yum... haha jk. it's a shame that they're extinct

  14. Let's just hope they recover some DNA and bring them back to life!