mandag den 13. december 2010

A little delayed update!

Hello guys, I was invited to a small Christmas party yesterday so I haven't been able to post until now, I hope it's OK. haha.

Well my blog has been viewed over 5600 times now, which is great! I'm still occasionally getting a new follower, which means a lot to me! I also appreciate every comment you guys make.

I've also registered to another ad company Chitika just for fun and to see how it goes. I'll let you know when I find out if it is any good.

In the mean time I still got Bidvertiser which I really like! If you need an adsense alternative then feel free to sign up through the box to the right under the headline: "Want to try a new ad company? :)"

Okay guys, I think that's it for now. Again I'm sorry about this little delayed update. I hope you guys will have a great day! :D

14 kommentarer:

  1. no problem. I've been taking a couple days off myself!

  2. I don't like either bidvertiser or chikita's kind of ad since you can't really mod then the way you want. Yet, if I ever need an alternative, I'll check it out!

  3. Yeah, I have chitika too. I know a lot of people enjoy bidvertiser though.

  4. don't worry, every body could have other things to do than post all every day :D

  5. Not wild about the bidvertizer pop-unders on my blog. Thinking of deleting. Doesn't seem to be a problem here so may be something else.

  6. i've heard good things about chikita! congrats on the views and followers, love this blog

  7. Thanks for the recommendations and I hope you had a great time :D

  8. Tell us more about the party, not the adds :P

  9. Thanks for all your comments guys.
    I've noticed some people dislike Bidvertiser because of popunders, but you can actually chose not to have them. I took this from Bidvertiser's website:

    1. Login to your account
    2. Click "Preferences"
    3. Under "Display Pop-Under Ads" choose "No"
    4. Click "Update"

    Have a great day :)