søndag den 31. oktober 2010

Michael Myers

First off I want to thank my friend Ronnie for suggesting this character for today. That being said…
Michael Myers is a fictional mass murderer in the Halloween movies. His first appearance was in “Halloween” from 1978 and since then he has appeared in several sequels and most recently in American heavy metal musician Rob Zombie’s remake and sequel. 

In the original movie Michael Myers made his first kill at age 6. It was Halloween night and his sister Judith became his first victim for unknown reasons, however he chose to spare the life of his baby sister Laurie. Since that episode he went to a mental institution that didn’t really cure him from his insanity and so he has continued to kill in a total of 10 movies with an 11th Halloween movie already being prepared in 3d! So even though this is an old horror franchise it shows no signs of dying.

Happy Halloween to all followers and readers out there!

lørdag den 30. oktober 2010


It’s time for another mythological creature, this time from Greek mythology!

The Pegasus is as most of you know a winged horse. It has appeared in several movies and videogames and is one of the most popular mythological creatures. In popular fiction there are often several of the creatures, but according to the legend of this magnificent beast there is actually only one.

The mother of Pegasus was the gorgon Medusa and the father was Poseidon who besides being ruler of the seas also is the horse god. The birth of this winged horse wasn’t a normal one though. *spoiler alert* It was born from Medusas blood when Perseus decapitated her. Now that would have been nice to see in the new movie version of Clash of the Titans, huh???

fredag den 29. oktober 2010


Are you guys ready for another movie monster? Here we go!

Pinhead is the main antagonist in Clive Barkers Hellraiser franchise. He is one of the cenobites, a type of extradimensional beings with a fetish for human suffering. The cenobites were once humans themselves, but unfortunately they have very bad memory, so don’t expect human sympathy if you ever encounter one!

In the movie Hellraiser Pinhead is the leader of a group of cenobites who have the ability to enter our world through the Lament Configuration, some sort of antique and mysterious puzzle. In the movie a young girl named Kirsty Cotton finds this old puzzle and solves it, and if you think she is rewarded by solving the puzzle you are wrong. 

“We’ll tear your soul apart” is a famous quote for the movie, and that is exactly what Pinhead and his cenobites have in mind concerning people who solve the puzzle. Kirsty however promises to deliver the soul of her uncle (Frank) who escaped his fate with the cenobites in hell by being resurrected by some drops of blood on the floor belonging to his brother, Kirsty’s father Larry… Yeah, I know, it makes perfect sense! ;)

torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

King K. Rool

Alright guys, today is time for a video game monster! If any of you guys had the privilege of owning a SNES back in the day, you will most likely remember this buddy, or should I say baddy? Because King K. Rool is the main villain the the Donkey Kong Country trilogy.
In the 1st DKC game King K. Rool steals the whole banana hoard from the hero Donkey Kong. Donkey and his friend Diddy (who are 2 primates btw) goes on a journey throughout their island to take back their bananas and beat the **** out of King K. Rools army. On their way they have to beat K. Rool’s generals (bosses) and eventually they reach King K. Rool on his pirateship and have to beat him in order to beat the game.
What kind of creature is this mr. Rool anyways you might wonder. A crocodile? A dinosaur?? Of cause not don’t be silly. He’s a kremling everybody can see that :P

onsdag den 27. oktober 2010

El Chupacabra

Let’s have some info on another “cryptid” monster. For those of you who don’t know a “cryptid” is a creature that is reported to exist but the scientific proof of the creature’s existence is lacking. Chupacabra literally means goat sucker in Spanish. The monster got this name because it allegedly kills lifestock of farmers, especially goats, and drains them of blood.

The sightings are usually taking place in rural areas. The first eyewitness report originates from a sighting in Puerto Rico back in 1995, but today the sightings of this alleged creature reach as far north as Maine and as far south as Chile!

The descriptions of the creature vary to some degree. Some people claim it to be the size of a bear, others the size of a dog. Most eyewitnesses however report a row of spines running down the back of the creature. Some speculate that this could be some sort of new or undiscovered canine, an experiment gone horribly wrong or even an alien. Most experts however see the mystery of the Chupacabras as a contemporary legend. What do you guys think???