mandag den 25. oktober 2010

The Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods monster is one of the many mysteries of the USA. Considered am alien visitor by some, simply an owl by others, this case truly is a mystery.
In September 1952 three boys observed some weird object in the sky that seemed to land in an area not too far away. The children notified their family about the sighting and went to check it out straight away.
- The group eventually encountered the creature. At first they noticed a sulfurish smell that supposedly made their eyes and nose feel like they were burning. Then one of the people shed the light of his flashlight on an oak tree nearby and what they all saw was like a thing from another world!
The creature didn't seem to touch the ground, it seemed to hover! The creature had huge bright red eyes and had what has been described as an ace of spades behind its head!

The creature started making a hissing sound and glided towards them. Now the group of people panicked and fled from the creature!

`- The creature has been seen numerous time since the episode in 1952, but what do you guys think? Was it some sort of alien creature, or just an owl that seemed more monstrous because of the expectations the group of people had?

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  1. i would never leave the house if i saw something that looked like that glide towards me

  2. Epic idea for a blog! I'll definitely be following you.
    PS- That is probably the sketchyist concept for a monster... I really hope thats not real

  3. Hey man, thanks for your support!

  4. an amazing idea for a blog.