søndag den 6. februar 2011

I might be back

Hello guys, I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been absent from blogger for quite some time. I've had some problems, being sick just to mention one of them. (I'm  still not well) But I just want you to know that I'm still here, and I hopefully will get active here on Blogger again because it's actually quite fun.

Have a great day guys!

torsdag den 20. januar 2011

New Monster Tomorrow

Hello dudes. I've returned from a funeral today and I won't write about a new monster until tomorrow. I hope you understand.

In the mean time do enjoy this picture of a very frightening creature:

onsdag den 19. januar 2011

Creeper (Video Game Monster)

Hello guys! It is Wednesday so therefore we will examine a video game monster. I had a request made by Zoe for the Creeper!

I bet most of you have heard of Minecraft, but just in case… Minecraft is a relatively young game that has gained an extreme amount of popularity in a relatively short time. In Minecraft you will as the player try to survive in a world made of pixilated bricks. The trees, the earth and even the animals and enemies are made of bricks! The player will then be able to hunt, attack enemies and most important of all harvest materials to build all sorts of things including homes or even castles. One of the enemies in Minecraft is the Creeper. The creeper wasn’t always a part of the game, but appeared for the first time in the Survival Test version. It has been instantly become a new video game monster classic. The monster’s hissing sound is so iconic and recognizable. It has also has a weird appearance. It is all green and has no arms, but 4 legs instead. I actually read that the creeper was a failed attempt to create a pig for the game!

tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

Great White Shark (Real Monster)

Alright guys, I've been busy today, so I'll leave you with a repost I did long ago!
It’s time for a true monster, a monster from the real world. Meet the great white shark!

The great white shark, also known as simply great white, is a formidable predator. This monster hunts in all major oceans in the world and can reach up to 6 meters in length. The great white can live to be around 30 years of age, but it only matures when it’s 15. A lot of people fear the white shark. To them it’s just a killing machine consisting of a huge mouth. But to some degree they’re right. Sharks in general are so good at what they’re doing that they have remained virtually almost unchanged for millions and millions of years. But the great white doesn’t actually have human meat as its favorite food. In reality it’s more into sea lions, seabirds and fish.

But when that has been said it’s important to note that since 1876 65 people have been killed by great whites and 242 have been attacked but survived. A little bonus info is that Australia is the country in the world with most fatal white shark attacks.

People really started to fear this creature when Steven Spielberg made the movie “JAWS.” That movie literally made people afraid of swimming in the ocean! But if people are so afraid of a puny 6 meter shark, they should be thankful that its bigger brother charcarodon megalodon isn’t around anymore, but that one we’ll save for another Monster Madnezz post!!!

mandag den 17. januar 2011

Future Predator (TV series Monster)

Today’s monster should be from a movie, but I’ve decided to fuse monsters from movies and television together into one category. The first monster from television is the Future Predator!

The Future predator is a creature that can be experienced in the British science fiction show Primeval. They are formidable predators weighing half a ton and standing 2 meters tall. Professor Nick Cutter and the other scientists of the ARC (Anomaly research center) believed the future predator to be a future form of bat. Some believed evolution made it adapt to future conditions which resulted it in being bigger and flightless, but a fierce predator. But it seems that this creature isn’t a product of nature at all, but humans created the species in the ARC at some point which could result in the extinction of the human race in the future. The team we follow in the tv series travel to the future and they discover that humanity most likely have been wiped out and it is now the future predators that are on top of the food chain!